Butt fusion machine BB500


is a welding unit designed for Butt Fusion of pipes and fi ttings PE, PP, PVDF and ideal for water, gas and other under pressure up to Ø 160 mm .
Complete of:

Machine body: the jaws are provided with knurling for a better block on the pipe and "pack" reductions are as wide as the jaws to ensure a homogeneous and optimal grip on the pipe. The nuts has integrated washers for a better block.
Milling cutter: it has on / off switch, pin block of the body, and micro-safety switch button.
Heater: Black bull thermo plate is coated with PTFE and is controlled by an electronic temperature controller mounted directlyon the hydraulic power pack –Synoptic Unit.
Synoptic Unit - Control pump: A sturdy frame and easy to handle incorporates all the elements to operate on pressure, temperature, time and voltage.
Equipped with electro-hydraulic pump with high-capacity tank is equipped with three valves to select the welding pressures. An ON / OFF lever valve for opening and closing the jaws, a control valve of the maximum applicable pressure and subsequent discharge equipped with safety lock, a welding valve or by-pass with ergonomic lever angled at 45 ° whose operation is continuous and accurate allows the ascent under pressure with ease and precision. The gauge is inserted in the drive at 45 °.
The cover on the left side of the unit contains the voltmeter, digital temperature controller, the clock has two buttons to store according T2 (preheating time) and T5 (cooling time under pressure).


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