Spritz Beton



Compact, Dynamic, Versatile

Three words to describe the new range of Mini Cranes developed with the Made in Italy style by TORO ITALIA.

K10-K20-K30-K50 mini cranes designed for those who must work in confined spaces, handling of the glass to glass-sided application of lifting of any material and for industrial maintenance.
Their compact structures allow you to move with agility in spaces where a standard crane is not allowed access but especially in land disconnected thanks to the rubber tracks.

The smaller models are designed to pass gates, the width is <650mm.

TORO ITALIA’s technology includes all his experience in radio capable of handling winch, arm and cart to allow a single operator to work at shorter distances All our mini cranes can have gasoline engine, diesel and electric 240V / 400V, and we also have a range of jib, windy hook and basket to deliver the maximum performance ensuring high security capabilities.
TORO ITALIA and his team is able to create any solution needs to meet your needs.

SPECIAL UNIT are designed for specific needing.